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Our pricing plans are simple, affordable and–as with everything we do–tailored to your family’s needs.


Best for students who need lots of flexibility and accountability.

  • Typically 4-5 months of prep time
  • Personal coach
  • Weekly, one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Multiple practice tests
  • Long-term focus: content mastery
  • Testive test prep software
$399 per month

Coaching Plus

Best for students who benefit from lots of guidance.

  • All Coaching features, plus:
  • Twice-weekly, one-on-one sessions
  • Intense, long-term focus on content mastery and problem subjects
$699 per month

Boot camp

Best for time-crunched students with an imminent test date.

  • All Coaching features, plus:
  • Twice-weekly, one-on-one sessions
  • Designed for students with less than six weeks to prep
$799 one-time payment

Plus, Every Plan Includes the Following:

  • Live 1-on-1 coaching sessions via video chat

  • Personalized lesson plans

  • Customized weekly assignments

  • Adaptive learning software

  • Practice monitoring throughout week by expert Coach

  • Text message reminders

  • Weekly meeting notes for parents

  • Parent portal to track progress

  • Priority email and phone support

  • Unlimited access to 3,000+ practice questions

  • Over 50 hours of instructional videos

  • Score improvement guarantee

A Few More Things To Set Your Mind At Ease

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we just use the learning software without paying for a Coaching plan?2017-07-24T23:24:18+00:00

You can, but unless your child is super self-motivated, they probably won’t see the kind of improvement that our full program offers.

Solely using the software is best for students who can consistently motivate themselves to study, stay focused on their weakest areas, and reflect deeply on their wrong answers. However, we’ve found that mentorship is a powerful learning tool and that motivation and accountability are best served through human interaction, which we provide through our coaching program.

What if we need to cancel?2017-07-24T23:24:01+00:00

If you decide you need to cancel for any reason, we’ll be sad to see you go, but will stop your plan immediately and you won’t be charged for future months.

How do you determine whether or not my child has done the work?2017-07-24T23:23:42+00:00

Your Coach will monitor your child’s performance throughout the week by checking their Testive dashboard. Here’s what they’re looking for:

30% – Commitment Grade: The % of days a student preps based on the number that he or she committed to over the last seven days.

30% – Question Grade: The % of questions a student answers based on the number that they commit to over the last seven days.

40% – Review Notes Grade: The % of reflections a student has completed for each incorrect answer they have over the last seven days.

If we don’t like the program or don’t get the score we want, can we get our money back?2017-07-24T23:23:02+00:00

We offer a 14-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

We also offer a score improvement guarantee, but that depends upon your child consistently doing their assignments and meeting with their Coach.

Why aren’t Coaching sessions longer?2017-07-24T23:22:33+00:00

Since your Coach is monitoring your child’s performance on their assignments throughout the week, they don’t need as much time to review the previous week’s work as a traditional private tutor. Our software combined with Coaching cuts down on the busy-work and lets your Coach and your child focus on strategies to overcome challenges, goal-setting for the upcoming week and 1-on-1 guidance. So you can expect your Testive Coach to pack as much learning into 30 minutes as a typical 90-minute session with other SAT/ACT prep methods.

How long are Coaching sessions?2017-07-24T23:22:12+00:00

Your first Coaching session is typically longer than the rest, but you can expect your Coaching sessions to be approximately 30 minutes.

What if my child gets a score we’re happy with before our Coaching plan is over?2017-07-24T23:21:53+00:00

First of all, YAY! We’re happy you’re happy! You can cancel your plan at any point and you won’t be charged for future months of the program.

What happens if our child doesn’t do the work?2017-08-01T00:06:08+00:00

Every time a student misses a committed study day, their coach is immediately notified. Your Coach will reach out to your child right away to determine if this was just a one-off situation or if your child’s learning plan needs to be recalibrated. If a student develops a pattern of missing commitments, your Coach will notify you and set up a video session to get the student back on track.

My child has a learning difference. Can you accommodate them?2017-07-24T23:21:15+00:00

Our approach to students with learning differences is to build a personalized plan suited to them that leverages their skills and builds around their weaknesses. We have a few pieces of tech that are especially useful for students with learning disabilities: for dyslexia, we have guided videos walking through all practice questions that include writing, spoken-word, and video. For ADHD, our practice sessions can be scheduled extremely short to accommodate faster temperaments, or longer to build stamina. Parents are updated weekly by default, so it’s easy to determine quickly whether the program is working out, and exactly how well.

If we don’t think a Coach is right for us, can we get a different Coach?2017-07-24T23:20:56+00:00

Absolutely! Just call our customer service number and let us know how we can help. (888) 960-8378

How do you select a Coach?2017-08-01T00:20:43+00:00

Building a strong connection between each student and his or her coach is the first step to success.

First, we narrow it down to only the Coaches whose schedules agree with your schedule.

Secondly, we match a student based on shared interests and personality fit.

Lastly, we listen to you. Every student has a unique learning style, so we’ll do our best to accommodate any requests.

All of our Coaches are 99th percentile scorers, educated at schools like Harvard and Yale, and most importantly, love working with students.

How long are your Coaching plans?2017-07-24T23:19:52+00:00

You can choose a 2-month, 3-month, 4-month or 5-month plan. The average student’s Testive Coaching program lasts four months, but we’ve seen success with shorter and longer programs. Ultimately, our recommended program duration depends on your child’s desired test date, proximity to score goal, amount of free time, and learning style.

How does Testive work?2017-07-24T23:14:06+00:00

Testive has a three-part approach to college test prep. Each part is important in its own right, but the magic is in the way the three work together to improve outcomes.

The first is our adaptive learning software developed by our founders, both MIT graduates. It automatically adjusts difficulty levels and offers immediate feedback and study resources in response to a user’s performace on ACT and SAT practice questions.  

The second part is our coaching program. While our prep software is great for helping students practice, our coaches really help students reach their full potential by providing motivation and expert guidance along the way. Coaching sessions are held over weekly 30-minute video chats.

Finally, the third part brings it all together with our process that incorporates goal-setting, reflection, accountability, flexible scheduling, performance tracking and clear, consistent communication between everyone on the test prep team: parents, student and Coach.