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Testive’s Student Success Advisor, Andrea Schlageter, explains best practices for preparing for the NEW SAT and how Testive can help students achieve their goals.

When should a student start prepping for the NEW SAT?

Students should figure out when they think they have 100 hours of sat prep time before the test. For most students, they can fit this in over the course of three to four months; however,  those with really busy schedules may need a little more time. Since the NEW SAT is scheduled to come out in March 2016 , we recommend starting to prep in November or December 2015.

What if students decide to take the ACT? Is the prep time the same?

If students choose the ACT over the NEW SAT, they will need the same amount of time to prep. The only difference between preparing for the ACT and the NEW SAT is the content to study.

Do you suggest taking both tests just to see what happens?

I suggest taking at least one practice ACT and one practice SAT. It’s best if students have a teacher or parent proctoring and timing the exam just to make it is a more realistic experience. By doing this, if a student doesn’t finish certain sections because of time constraints, they can focus on them in their prep.

Remember,  students have a limited window of time to prepare for the SAT. They don’t want to take an actual SAT test just to get a baseline.

From your experience, what types of students have been most successful in their prep?

Students who are engaged, and have goals. It helps everyone keep on track if a student has a strong goal and can see that they are making progress towards that goal. Find out the average score for the school they are most interested in and orient around that as a target.

At the end of the day, the only way to be successful in prep is by doing the work. Whatever will keep your student on track and focused will be what works for them.

How does Testive prep differ from other test prep companies?

We take an error focused approach. We always have students practicing in their weakest areas and heavily emphasize the review and reflect process. By doing this, we see 3x the industry average in score increase.

If I want to start prepping with Testive, when & how do I sign-up?

You should sign up as soon as you can! All of our coaches are great but each student is different and will work differently with each coach. Even if you are planning to begin in a month or two months from now, it is best to reserve your spot with the coach who will work best with your student as soon as you know this is the prep method for you.

The best way to sign-up is to schedule a call with me or one of our other student success advisors. We can walk you through the process, set up a demo of our platform, and answer any questions you might have. But, if you’re confident that Testive will be a good fit and you just want to get started, you can enroll in a plan and then we’ll contact you and your student with a kickoff call.

If I have more questions about the NEW SAT or test prep in general, is there a place I can send an email or a phone number I can call?

Most questions about these tests are difficult to answer through email. As each student is different, my recommendations for your situation may be different. The quickest way to have your questions answered is by booking a time to chat with me or another one of our student success advisors. With that said, you are still certainly welcome to go to our website and complete a contact form or call us at (888) 960-8378 and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

What other advice do you have to offer to kids facing the NEW SAT?

Because this is a new test and there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding it, we recommend taking the old SAT if you can or taking the ACT, at least for the first year. Once the dust settles and there is more information about scores, how colleges are handling the test, and other data is available, it’s safer to go with the sure bet. But, if you’re a risk taker and did great on the NEW PSAT, then by all means, “go for it.”

When will Testive have NEW SAT questions on their platform?

We have NEW SAT questions loaded in our database right now!! We will continue to add more questions throughout 2015 to make sure students are ready to go on test day.

If I decide to take the ACT, does Testive offer prep for that too?

Yes. We offer both SAT and ACT prep.

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