What is a Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp is a 4-6 week intensive program designed especially for busy students. If you are looking to make the most of the time that you have left, the Bootcamp is a fantastic option for you.

How is the program structured?

All Testive programs work by breaking up concepts into easy-to-digest pieces so that your student can retain the information easier, the Bootcamp is just an accelerated version of that. Your child will be working with a dedicated coach and utilizing our adaptive software to effectively prep.

First, we will provide a diagnostic test to help us establish exactly which areas your student needs to focus on and use that information to design a prep program especially for your student. Your student will be spending about 30 minutes a day working through highly-targeted and interactive content that their coach has assigned to them. As they are working through their coach is going to be following along every step of the way, to make sure that they are making the most of all of their prep efforts and that everything that they are doing is as targeted as possible.

Your student will also be meeting with their coach twice a week over Skype to go over everything that they are working and make sure that they fully understand everything that they have covered and to go over test-prep strategies so that when it comes time to take the SAT or the ACT they can breeze through it.

How much is a Bootcamp?

All Bootcamps are a one time charge of $799

How do I get started?

Enroll In Testive Bootcamp

How can I find out more?

Schedule a Test Prep Consultation