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Test Optional: What Does it Mean?

As you may have heard, with the shake-ups Covid-19 brought this spring to the school calendar, many colleges have moved to being test optional next year (2021). To be exact, that means many schools will not require either the SAT or ACT to apply to them in the fall. We promise you, however, the hard work you’ve done with Testive so far is still valid and important! Test Optional means a school is still accepting standardized test scores if a student wants to send them. So let’s talk a bit about why, for many students, submitting a strong test score may still be crucial for their college applications.

Many schools are test optional. Learn how to stand out!

A Strong Score on the SAT or ACT Can Help

Though the SAT/ACT may not be required for most schools next year (a full list of what schools are test optional is available here), a strong score can still help quite a lot. If your score falls within range of past accepted students at a school, and especially if it’s on the higher end of that range, submitting your score still helps make your application more competitive. Furthermore, a strong score can also give you a needed edge against students that may have similar credentials to your own! Think of it this way: say your dream school is deciding between you, who submitted a strong SAT or ACT score, and another student, who did not submit a score at all. It’s easy to imagine who the school would accept, right? 

Make the choice easier for your dream school to select you!

The Good News About Test Optional

Of course, it’s important to be realistic with the competitiveness of your score as well. If they aren’t within the accepted range for a specific school, it’s probably not a good idea to submit it since you don’t have to. But therein lies what’s actually good about schools being test optional for students with solid test scores: you only have to submit them to places where they will help your application!

Check Admissions Data

In short, while schools may be test optional, having a strong SAT/ACT score can still be crucial for making your college applications as competitive as possible! So make sure to check the admission data of the schools you are applying to and see what kind of test scores they are looking for! And, to help improve your scores with extra online test practice, sign up for a free SAT or ACT practice online test today


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