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13 08, 2020

An ACT/SAT Reading List

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“What books on an ACT/SAT reading list will help me improve my Reading Test score?” As an ACT/SAT coach, I am occasionally asked this question by ambitious students (but more frequently by ambitious parents). Although the answer is not as simple as you might hope, the following three simple tips will help you to create [...]

29 05, 2020

SAT Accommodations Guide

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For a variety of reasons, you may be wondering about SAT accommodations that are available. Maybe you want to see if you qualify for one, or you already qualify and want to know more details about what your accommodation entails. In this article, we’ll go over both the kinds of accommodations the SAT offers as [...]

17 04, 2020

Should I Take the SAT Subject Tests?

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It’s fall of your senior year and you’re ready to apply to college. You’ve got your grades set and your dream SAT score locked. But what’s this!? Every school on your list requires SAT Subject tests? And some of them are only offered once a year?! Don’t let this happen to you! Take a second [...]

17 04, 2020

What’s on the SAT Math with Calculator Test?

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The SAT Math with Calculator test is the fourth and final section of the SAT. Students have 55 minutes to complete 38 questions. The first 30 of which are multi choice followed by 8 grid-in questions (meaning you grid in your numerical answer). This section counts for ⅔ of the total SAT math score. The [...]

9 04, 2020

What to Know Before Taking Your SAT

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Before you take your SAT (whether it’s your first attempt or not), there are a few things you need to know. Let’s talk about how to study effectively for taking the SAT, how to be prepared for the test, and what to do on the big day. How to Study Effectively for the SAT To [...]

3 04, 2020

When Should I Start ACT/SAT Prep?

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“When should I start ACT/SAT prep?” is a common question on the minds of rising Juniors and Seniors, as they think about their upcoming school year. Ideally, you should start preparing for the ACT or SAT about 3 months (13 weeks) before the test date. For example, if you were planning on taking the ACT [...]

17 03, 2020

What’s on the SAT Math No Calculator Test?

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The SAT Math No Calculator test is the shortest of all four parts of the test, in terms of both questions and time to answer. You get 25 minutes to do 20 questions. Of those 20 questions, 15 are multiple choice questions with 4 answer choices each, while 5 are grid-in questions. The material on [...]

14 02, 2020

Should I Take the SAT Essay?

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Students often wonder if they need to take the SAT essay...they may have heard it was optional, or that some schools don’t require it, or that it simply doesn’t matter very much. In this article, we’ll go over both what the SAT essay is and whether or not you should take it. What Is the [...]

16 12, 2019

How Many Times Should You Take the SAT?

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While prepping for the SAT, students often ask how many times they should take the test. The short answer? You can take it as many times as you want, but that doesn’t mean you should. How Many Times Can You Take the SAT? Currently, there is no limit to the number of times a student [...]

11 03, 2017

How to Organize Your Summer ACT and SAT Test Prep

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Ice cream cones, sandy beaches, clear blue water and the giant test prep book? Which one is unlike all the others? Believe it or not, they all belong together. Even though your son or daughter will tell you otherwise, the summer is one of the best times for the ACT and SAT prep and to work on [...]