Discover the test that's right for your child in just 30 minutes

The first step to stellar scores is putting energy behind one of the two standardized tests. By answering carefully selected SAT and ACT questions, your child will learn which test they're likely to score higher on and kick-start test prep.

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  • SAT/ACT Selector Reading Section
  • SAT/ACT Selector Math Section
  • SAT/ACT Selector Results Section

How the SAT/ACT Selector works

Students take 30 minutes to answer 24 questions across four content areas.

Questions are carefully selected to reveal strengths specific to SAT or ACT content...

...and to reveal the student's ability to answer questions in a timed environment.

Based on all of this information, we can determine which test they're likely to score higher on, and why. Let's get started!

Why SAT/ACT Selector?

As the SAT and ACT have become more similar, we've encountered many students who have trouble picking which test to take. This leads to confused, stop-and-start test prep, or worse, putting off prep altogether. When a student tries to prep for two tests at once, they're bound to lose focus, and when they get started too late, the stress of the time-crunch is a hindrance to success.

That's where the Testive SAT/ACT Selector comes in. This tool takes the guesswork out of picking which college readiness test is right for you, so you can focus on preparing for your recommended test with confidence.

The SAT/ACT Selector distills Testive's years of knowledge into a set of questions carefully designed to reveal a student's strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the SAT and ACT. Our technology actively analyzes the student's performance and pacing across four subjects in order to generate an expert recommendation of which test is best suited for them. The whole experience takes just 30 minutes.

The key ingredient for a successful start to the test prep journey is momentum. You can generate a lot of it in 30 minutes. But to capitalize on it, a student's first experience with testing needs to be motivating, which is why we provide a crafted personal analysis along with our test recommendation and follow up with a guided review of the assessment. This demonstrates the power of prep to the student: this tool is all about giving students the nudge they need to stop putting test prep off and start taking control.