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Testive online Coaching empowers Overland Park families to work with Ivy League tutors from across the US.

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Michelle Cronin

Harvard University
A proud Harvard grad, I began tutoring in high school where I helped students of all levels with homework in a variety of subjects including writing, social studies, and math. I continued tutoring in college and while I was studying abroad, even helping high school students in France with the English language.

  • SAT: 2190 / 2400
  • Michelle has worked with 49 students.

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Sara Lynch

Vanderbilt University
I was a National Merit Finalist and attended Vanderbilt University. I have both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s in education and earned a 4.0 GPA and a 3.96 GPA, respectively. I have over six years of tutoring and teaching experience. I am passionate about helping students achieve their goals.

  • SAT: 2180/ 2400
  • ACT: 33
  • Sara has worked with 20 students.

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Will Eaton

College of William and Mary
Will was a tenth grade math teacher for Teach For America, where he led his students to outperform the Denver region on state assessments in both growth and performance. He LOVES math and is ready to help you do your best on the ACT. He also commands an impressive 99th percentile score. At his day job, Will is a Career Coach where he supports young employees as they navigate their job search and first job.

  • SAT: 2240/2400
  • ACT: 35
  • Will has worked with 369 students.

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