Table of contents:

  • Overview
  • Registering your student for the SAT
  • Open Your Browser and Enter
  • Click “Register for the SAT”
  • Click “Sign Up” to Create a CollegeBoard Account
  • Enter Your Student’s Information
  • Register for the SAT
  • Complete the Five-Step Process
  • When Can My Student Take the SAT?
  • Next Steps


If your student is a junior or senior, he (and you) probably hear a lot about the SAT! Most colleges require students to submit the SAT (or ACT) with their application, and upperclassmen often spend lots of time prepping for these crucial tests. But how do I register my student for the SAT? While this question might seem self-evident, SAT registration actually involves several steps that compel you to meet deadlines and navigate the CollegeBoard’s website. This post is a walkthrough of the SAT registration process, but I’ve also sprinkled in other useful tips!

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Registering Your Student for the SAT

1. Open Your Browser and Enter

The CollegeBoard administers the SAT, and you can register your student on its website. You can also find lots other of helpful information on the SAT, including a content breakdown and practice tests!

2. Click “Register for the SAT.”

This link is on the center-left side of the homepage. As you might imagine, the CollegeBoard tries to make registration accessible.

3. Click “Sign Up” to Create a CollegeBoard Account.

You’ll need to create a CollegeBoard Account. The account itself is free, and it allows you to register for the SAT, see your student’s results online, and access other free resources.

Enter Your Student’s Information.

This is the most involved part of the registration, but it’s still not too difficult! You’ll need to enter your student’s basic information, including his full name, sex, date of birth, and location. Next, you’ll need to create a username and password. I highly recommend that you save this information! You also have the option to fill out a Parent Information section, which send you updates on upcoming SAT registration deadlines and lets you see your student’s results. After you fill out this information, you’ll be prompted to check it for inaccuracies.

5. Register for the SAT.

Once your account is created, SAT registration is straightforward! Click “Continue” in the bottom-right corner to get started. Please note that registration takes 30-40 minutes, and you’ll need to have your student’s information, photo ID, and payment (a credit card, PayPal, or fee favor) ready.

6. Complete the Five-Step Process.

To finish registration, you’ll need to update your student’s information, create his aca