Summer SAT/ACT prep is the best prep!

Why? While there are a lot of uncertainties about testing going on right now, one aspect we can be certain of is that the school year in the fall will not look the same as past years. With online learning, school closures, and a host of other items that are yet to be sorted out, the best time to begin your students’ prep is NOW! Start your summer SAT/ACT prep today.

Summertime is the ideal time to begin test prep!

This summer, you may not have as many family trips, sports, or camps to attend leaving you with more time on your hands than last summer. In the summer you don’t have to compete with school work, homework, and not having enough time in the day to get your work done. Summer is an ample time to set aside a few hours each week and really focus on improving your score, which is why summer ACT/SAT prep is the best! Register at for the SAT or at for a fall ACT exam.

Deciding which season to begin test prep helps you to build your college admissions plan!

This fall is also when you really want to be focusing on colleges and getting yo