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How Rachael, Stephanie, and Abbie teamed up to reach their target ACT score.

Rachael had her eyes set on North Carolina’s public colleges, ultimately targeting one of the state’s top nursing programs. After a slightly disappointing SAT score in the spring of sophomore year, Rachael and her mother, Stephanie teamed up with Testive and their Coach, Abbie. They worked together to develop Rachael’s summer prep strategy, switching to the ACT and reaching their goal score in September. Rachael is off to her dream school this fall.

Partnering with the right Coach to achieve an objective.

Rachael and Stephanie learned about Testive’s Coaches from speaking with Testive’s Student Success Team, landing on Abbie, a certified wildland firefighter in her third year of a three-year master’s program at Harvard Divinity School.

Rachael and Stephanie chose to work with Abbie because their schedules lined up, allowing Rachael and Abbie to convene for their weekly online meetings without disrupting her busy summer schedule. They also felt that Abbie had the right personality to keep Rachael motivated throughout the arduous prep process.

I was involved from the beginning, partnered with that person to bring my daughter along in a positive way to achieve her objective.

Stephanie, Rachael's Mom

Creating a personalized prep strategy.

After taking the SAT in spring of sophomore year, Rachael considered switching to the ACT. In their first 30 minute coaching meeting held over video chat, Rachael and Abbie made a plan to figure out which test Rachael should focus on for the next three months.

Rachael took a practice test for each test and uploaded her scores to Testive. In their second weekly meeting, Rachael and Abbie determined that the ACT was slightly better-suited to her strengths as a test-taker. Abbie used Testive’s practice test insights to create Rachael’s ACT curriculum based on her weak areas. That way, Rachael would only spend time on practice areas that would move the needle on her total ACT score.

I had no idea whether Rachael should take the SAT or ACT. The first meeting with Abbie was developing the strategy to take two practice tests. The second meeting was to set up a plan.

Stephanie, Rachael's Mom

Improving with consistent practice and review.

Abbie assigned Rachael a steady diet of ACT practice material throughout her three-month program. During her daily practice sessions, Rachael paused to reflect on incorrect answers using answer explanation videos and review notes. Rachael and Abbie dialed into these areas of confusion during their weekly meetings to learn how to approach similar questions going forward.