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How Griffin changed his approach to math and raised his total ACT score 6 points.

Griffin has always been a strong math student, with his eyes set on Bentley University’s undergraduate business program. When he took the ACT for the first time in April of junior year, however, his math scores were surprisingly low. Griffin discovered that his approach to math questions slowed him down on test day. With the help of his family, teachers, and Testive Coach Grace, Griffin changed his approach and raised his total ACT score 6 points. He’s off to Waltham, MA to attend Bentley this fall.

Practicing weak areas in math to get the most score improvement.

When results came in for his first ACT in April of junior year, Griffin was surprised to see that his math score was low. After working through some problems with his family at the dinner table, and meeting with his teacher, Griffin determined that his problem-solving method was slowing him down on the fast-paced ACT math section, causing him to not complete the section. Simply put, Griffin needed to become a better test-taker.

What we learned was that he was very methodical. He was taught math very differently. His method for approaching math questions was effective, but not for testing.

Michael, Griffin's Dad

Grace helped Griffin drill down into the areas that slowed him down by using the insights from his Testive practice test score. Then she assigned a structured curriculum every week based on his weak areas. This way, Griffin could get the most out of his daily thirty-minute practice sessions and not waste time answering questions that wouldn’t increase his score.

Grace was in tune to how he was trying to change the way he approaches Math to be quicker.

Michael, Griffin's Dad

Working as a team.

Griffin’s Dad, Michael, helped him uncover his hiccup in math. But when it came to the ACT, he needed extra support from a tutor. Throughout Griffin’s Testive Coaching Program there was constant communication between Michael and Grace to make sure Grace was reinforcing positive habits in math. After every weekly Coaching session, Michael received a Coach Note from Grace in the form of an email and in his Parent Dashboard, recapping Griffin’s progress and laying out his goals for the following week. Michael didn’t have to guess whether or not Griffin was doing the work because he was in constant communication with Grace.

The progress reports allowed me to know whether or not Griff believed in the process, which is the most important part. You don’t get that insight with a class.

Michael, Griffin's Dad

Building a positive relationship with his Coach.

Like almost every high school senior, the ACT wasn’t the only thing on Griffin’s plate…by a long shot. Griffin was busy with hockey and other activities, and didn’t have a lot of time to fit in consistent prep. But Griffin was able to strike this balance with Grace because they were able to work around his schedule, from his computer.

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These kids are much more comfortable opening up, communicating, and sharing, and building a relationship through technology. They don’t FaceTime with a teacher. They FaceTime with a friend.

Michael, Griffin's Dad