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Video #Love

“We did Testive for one month and Stephen had a 4 point improvement! Ben was very intuitive about Stephen’s learning style, what would work for him and wasn’t going to work for him. Not only did Stephen raise his ACT and got into a great college, but his confidence level really changed in how he even approaches studying now, and that will carry with him and make an impact for the rest of his life. There is no replacement for the Coach relationship. It’s invaluable really. We can’t thank Ben enough. It was really, really amazing.”

— Kathy H.

Meet some of the families who #Love Testive

Rachael had her eyes set on North Carolina’s public colleges, ultimately targeting Appalachian State University’s nursing program. After a slightly disappointing SAT score in the spring of sophomore year, Rachael and her mother, Stephanie teamed up with Testive and their Coach, Abbie. They worked together to develop Rachael’s summer prep strategy, switching to the ACT and reaching their goal score in September. Rachael is off to Appalachian State next fall.

Their Story

Griffin has always been a strong math student, with his eyes set on Bentley University’s undergraduate business program. When he took the ACT for the first time in April of junior year, however, his math scores were surprisingly low. Griffin discovered that his approach to math questions slowed him down on test day. With the help of his family, teachers, and Testive Coach Grace, Griffin changed his approach and raised his total ACT score 6 points. He’s off to Waltham, MA to attend Bentley this fall.

Their Story

Parent #Love

“I wanted to let you know that Eric was admitted to Harvard during the early action round. He will now be trimming his list of other schools to apply to for the regular admission round, and finishing up those applications.
Obviously there are many components to this final effect, but Testive was a significant one and we have been more than pleased with the company, platform, service and results.”

–Jeff A.

“Jack has taken the ACT three times and scored a 21 each time. After one month with Testive Jack took the December ACT and scored a 23. We are excited that he raised his composite score by two points after only a month with Testive.”

–Madeline B.

“Laura improved 150 points after doing Testive for a week when she took the November SAT. It got her up enough to receive admission to the University of Alabama. We are thrilled! She took the SAT again in December so we are anxious to see how she does after 5 weeks of Testive. I would definitely recommend Testive to others. Wonderful program! Just what Laura needed!”

— Amanda R.

“Whoo Hoo!!! It’s Christmas at the J___ house.
MN: English, 36; Math, 32; Reading, 35; and are you ready for this . . . . Science 36!!!!
WE LOVE TESTIVE!!! Thank you SO much, Will. All that hard work on science paid off. She had a mental block on that, and you put her over the top. Eight points on that subject. I cannot say enough. She’s never taking the ACT again!! Yipeee.
She gets her PSAT scores in a month. We’ll let you know how that goes too. I think that was an awesome plan to use her ACT Testive work to prep for that as well. Y’all are the bomb!”

–Robin J.

“When I first saw Testive on Facebook I thought this might be a an option for Alex because of the way he learns. You did not disappoint. I really appreciate all the time Ben spent with Alex and he must have been learning and paying attention because he certainly improved his score. This is a great Christmas present. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!”

–Ann S.

“For busy kids, online practices along with one-on-one coaching is a great way to put SAT prep into their busy schedule. My son’s coach was encouraging to him and helped me as a parent to think through test taking strategies.”

–Chie G.

“Our daughter got accepted to almost every university she applied to. She has finally chosen to pursue B.S. (Honors) in UT Dallas. She has been given full ride owing to her credentials.Thanks for all the help in getting her through the Testive program which was very instrumental in building up her testing skills.”

—Laura T.

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Student #Love

“I really enjoyed this program! I took it over the summer, and it gave me plenty of free time, since I was able to study when I wanted to during the day. Because of Testive, I was able to go into the test feeling confident in my abilities to do well. I highly recommend the kind of help that Testive can provide!”

–Eric M.

“I would refer Testive to a friend because I think that Testive really gives you hope to improve your score even if you think you’ve lost hope. It really helps you improve immensely.”

–Omar Z.

“Valuable SAT practice questions. Amazing help from a knowledgeable, invested, and flexible coach who wanted me to achieve my goals. “

–Katie G.


Tyler Y.

“Testive was a great method for me because it kept me regimented but also allowed me to create my own schedule. Sophie’s coaching was exceptional and I’m so glad I had her through this process! I will definitely refer Testive to a friend, because it worked for me.”

–Jenna B.

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