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#Love Stories

Testive families have such a fantastic experience with our program, they spread the word far and wide via email, video and social media (and get sweet referral gifts for doing so)!

Video #Love

“We did Testive for one month and Stephen had a 4 point improvement! Ben was very intuitive about Stephen’s learning style, what would work for him and wasn’t going to work for him. Not only did Stephen raise his ACT and got into a great college, but his confidence level really changed in how he even approaches studying now, and that will carry with him and make an impact for the rest of his life. There is no replacement for the Coach relationship. It’s invaluable really. We can’t thank Ben enough. It was really, really amazing.”

— Kathy H.

Meet some of the families who #Love Testive

Rachael had her eyes set on North Carolina’s public colleges, ultimatel