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Thanks for signing up for Testive’s online practice exam and test prep plan. We’re super excited to help you kick-start your test prep journey.

Here are your next steps: (We’ve also sent you an email with this info.)

1. Taking the online practice SAT or ACT

The first step to kicking off test prep is for your child to take their full-length SAT or ACT practice test. With a baseline score, we’ll be able to help you put together a test prep plan that includes the subjects your child needs to practice, how close they are to their goals, and the best test dates for them.

How to begin the practice test

Your child has received an email from success@testive.com with their unique link to login to Testive, create their password, and take their practice test. Once they login, your child will select the test they would like to take (SAT or ACT).

If they are unable to locate their login link, use the login link below:


2. Making the test prep plan

Once your child completes their practice test, a member of Testive's Student Success team will schedule a call with you (the parent). During this call, we'll develop a strategic plan for standardized testing. You can expect to learn the following:

  • Detailed exam results analysis
    Your student's strengths and weaknesses regarding content and pacing so they know what to practice in order to improve.
  • College readiness summary
    Setting a goal score, a key ingredient for successful test prep, based on your child's target colleges and scholarships.
  • Test schedule recommendation
    A plan for when to take the SAT or ACT based on their schedule and the upcoming test dates.

Questions? We're here to help.

Would you like assistance getting started with the online practice questions? Email success@testive.com or schedule a call with us. We’d be more than happy to help walk you through getting started and answer any additional questions.