As a Testive Coach, I not only guide students as they master the content of the SAT and/or ACT, I also advise them on how to approach the test with the best possible mindset. While the night before the test is generally considered “too late” to make substantial changes in test readiness, this is not true. The night before the test is certainly not the time to, for instance, learn a new math concept, or practice vocabulary for the first time, but there are steps to take to ensure you approach the test in the best possible mindset.

Here are some key tips for making the most of the night before the SAT or ACT:

  1. One last review of your toughest subject
  2. Eat a good dinner
  3. Prepare your test materials
  4. Take time to relax
  5. Get a good night’s sleep
  6. Follow the specific advice from your tutor

Before I describe each of these steps, there’s one step for parents to take: stay on top of test dates and deadlines, so the SAT or ACT doesn’t sneak up you. Subscribe to our newsletter, College Radar, for key deadlines and helpful resou