Ben sat exam tutorNEW SAT ACADEMY: Lesson 10

Get a closer look at the Evidence-Based Reading and Math sections of the NEW SAT as Testive Coach, Ben Flores, provides commentary on some sample problems and tips on how you can prepare for them.

Evidence Based Reading Overview

One of the biggest (and most welcome) changes to the New SAT Reading section is that there will no longer be sentence completion questions. That’s right—no need to memorize obscure vocabulary!

The new Reading test will be made up of four single passages, each followed by 10‐11 questions, and 1 dual‐passage set, also followed by 10‐11 questions. There will be three different types of passage: (1) U.S. or world literature; (2) history or social studies; and (3) science. Some of these passages will be primary sources pertaining to significant events and ideas in history. Other passages—especially in science and social studies—will contain charts or graphs that you will be expected to interpret and use in connection with the text.

And the questions themselves? You’ll still need to identify the main point, the tone or attitude, and the meaning of certain words or phrases. You’ll also need to identify the evidence that supports an answer choice, which means that some questions will be connected.

Our learning team has been busy creating questions for the NEW SAT based on extensive documentation from the College Board outlining the specifications for the Redesigned SAT. They’ve analyzed it in great detail and used their expertise to ensure that the content of the questions will closely align with these changes.

Right now Testive has practice questions for the NEW SAT covering each of the four sections. Students can see the questions and start practicing them by signing up for a FREE account at and after logging in choosing “NEW SAT” at the top of the screen.

new sat test prep dashboard

These questions are a preview of the full NEW SAT prep platform Testive is building and gives students an opportunity to experience both the content that is aligned with the NEW SAT as well as new adaptive learning mechanics Testive will be applying across the board for all test prep platforms.

Closer look and sample problems

We will have high quality practice passages including contemporary scientific topics and historical primary sources. Each passage will have a full set of associated questions that are specifically aligned to the specifications of the Redesigned SAT.

Each question has in-depth answer explanations written by Testive coaches. So if you get one wrong, there will be a clear explanation why you got it wrong and additional opportunities  to get it right.