How to Submit Your SAT Scores to Colleges

With the confidence that only a student who has spent countless hours preparing for the SAT can have, you are finally ready to take on the test. Now the only question nagging you is how to get your soon-to-be exemplary test scores in the hands of your dream school. The good news is that the process to send your scores in is pretty simple.

Submitting Official Scores

Almost all colleges require that you submit your “official” scores. This means that you cannot submit online score reports and must instead submit the scores through the College Board to ensure that your scores are accurate and that there has been no tampering. Students may opt to schedule their SAT score submissions either before or after test day. You can do this by signing in to the College Board account that you created when registering for the SAT, and following the guidelines below.

You won’t need to visit one of these to send your SAT scores to colleges.

How Long Does it Take?

SAT scores are generally released two weeks after you sit for the test, although June scores take significantly longer. You can see when your scores will be released here. After the scores are released, it can then take up to ten days for colleges to receive them (if you arranged for your scores to be sent prior to taking the test). At that point, colleges need to process the scores, which may take an additional week.

Scores that were requested after taking the test will also be subject to the ten day processing window unless a rush order is placed. Review the college admissions requirements for each of your target schools prior to taking the test to confirm which test dates will allow you to meet those deadlines. Generally, you should be able to sit for an October, or even a November test, and still have adequate processing time to meet the application deadline. However, if you are considering applying to a college through the early admissions process, you should make sure to check which test date is the last possible option for you.

It usually takes about a month from you taking the test to colleges processing your score.

Submitting Scores before Taking the SAT

It is simple to submit scores before you even sit for the SAT! You have the ability to arrange for up to four score submissions when you register for the test. These are included with your registration fee, but each additional request outside of the four colleges selected at registration will cost $12.

This is a quick and easy process that also informs colleges of your interest in attending. Follow the steps below to arrange for score submission prior to your test date:

  1. Sign into your College Board account.
  2. Select “Send Scores.”
  3. Select “Send Scores When Available.”
  4. Search for your desired colleges by name and state.
  5. Select “Add” if you would like the college to receive your scores.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all of your desired colleges have been added.
  7. Confirm your order and provide payment if you have selected more than four colleges.

If you change your mind about which schools you would like to send your scores, then simply log into the College Board website to make an adjustment prior to your score release.

Now…or later?

Submitting Scores after Taking the SAT

The above process in which you select up to four colleges to which you will submit your SAT scores automatically is a good option in these situations:

  • You know you will be in a time-crunch to reach the application deadline
  • Money is tight (as additional requests have a processing fee)
  • You are applying to colleges that require you to submit all scores (they don’t allow “Score Choice.”)
  • You’re very, very confident about the likelihood that you will perform to your maximum potential on the test.
  • Otherwise, waiting to see your scores before deciding to submit can be the way to go. Here’s how that works.
Traditional Reporting

There is a nine day window following the test date to arrange four score submissions free of charge. However, there is a $12 fee for each score submission request once the nine day window has closed. The following steps outline how to submit scores after you have taken the SAT:

  1. Sign into your College Board account.
  2. Select “Send Scores.”
  3. Select “Send Available Scores Now.”
  4. Search for your desired colleges by name and state.
  5. Select “Add” if you would like the college to receive your scores.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all of your desired colleges have been added.
  7. Confirm your order and provide payment if you have selected more than four colleges or if you are outside of the nine day post-test window.

Sometimes you’re late, you’re late, for a very important date…

Rush Reporting

Rush reports can also be requested for a $31 fee. This allows SAT scores to be sent to colleges within one to two business days as long as the scores have already been released. The rush report feature is very useful if you are in a pinch to meet scholarship or application deadlines. It should be noted that just because the scores arrive quickly, this does not mean that the colleges process them quickly. It is advisable to check with the college admissions department to confirm that your scores will be processed in time.

Requesting Archived Scores

SAT Scores are archived from tests taken more than one year prior. This means that requesting older scores requires a special process and fee of $31. Scores cannot be requested online and must instead be requested by mail or phone. Each score report will cost the standard fee of $12 in addition to the base request fee of $31.

Requesting archived scores by mail requires that you fill out a specific form found here.

The form and total payment should be sent to:
SAT program
P.O. Box 7503
London, KY 40742-7503

Requesting archived scores by phone requires that you call the College Board customer service line at 866-756-7346. It is important that you have the following items prepared prior to your call:

  1. Current name and address
  2. Name and address at the time of testing
  3. College and scholarship program codes found here
  4. Credit card information for payment
  5. Test date – not required but recommended
  6. Registration number – not required but recommended
Score Choice

If you take the SAT multiple times, then you may want to leverage the Score Choice tool provided by the College Board which allows you to select specific scores to send to colleges opposed to the entire report. This is especially advantageous if you apply to colleges that “superscore,” which is a process where your highest scores from different test dates are combined into one score. For example, if you took two separate tests and received a higher math score on the first and a higher EBRW score on the second, than you may want to submit partial scores from each test to showcase your best test performances. However, it is important to check into whether or not a college requires that you submit an entire test. The College Board has submission requirements for each school on the website, but it is up to you to ensure that you have the most accurate information. You can read more about Score Choice and superscoring here.

Hmm…which scores to send…

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers are available to juniors and seniors that qualify for low income status. Students that qualify are able to submit unlimited score reports at no cost. More information on the qualifications for a fee waiver and how to receive one can be found here.

So now that you have all the information you need to submit your SAT scores, you are one step closer to getting into that dream college!

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