How to navigate SAT and ACT registration in 2020

SAT and ACT registration is now open for the fall 2020 tests, including the August SAT, and there are limited spots available! With the unexpected test cancellations this spring, there has been an increase in demand for the late summer and early fall tests. That’s why it’s important to sign up earlier rather than later, since availability is limited this year.

Registering for a test…easy, right? Yes, it’s easy, but there’s more to succeeding on the SAT and ACT than just showing up and taking it. Strategizing when your student will take the test is an important part of setting them up for success.

At Testive, we want to make sure that your student has the best opportunity to earn the highest score possible on the SAT or ACT. Here are a few strategic points regarding test registration that that will help your student to have a powered-up test-taking plan:

Sign up for at least two tests and up to three.

The ACT announced additional test dates this fall, so your student will have multiple test dates to choose from, even though there were limited opportunities this summer. Whether your student is taking the SAT or ACT, we recommend signing up for multiple tests — at least two, and up to three — as this is the last opportunity to get the highest score that your student needs for college admissions. You shouldn’t wait until after you take your first test to sign up for your next one. Do it all at once.

You got this! With a plan in place, you will make great strides!

Visit the Collegeboard website for SAT registration and the ACT website for ACT registration today!

Try to space test out by two months to get scores back and make adjustments.

If your student decides to take a test in September, you should aim to schedule your second test for November. This allows your student to evaluate the score report and determine which areas to focus on for the next test, in order to raise the score further. The exception is if your student is a current senior. In that case, they may want to take two tests closer together, and earlier, in order to maximize their opportunity to retake the test again if needed.

Know the admissions deadlines to the schools you are applying to (including early admissions).

Make a list of all of the colleges you are planning to apply to, and note the admissions deadlines, including early admissions if applicable. A three-column spreadsheet ought to suffice. This is key for knowing how long you have to get test results back before admissions.

Get to know scholarship deadlines.

Scholarship deadlines are quickly approaching — receiving your SAT or ACT score well in advance of any scholarship deadlines that are pertinent to you is helpful so you will not be rushed the week before the deadline.

With a plan in place for your student’s SAT and ACT registration this fall, it will help them prepare and stay on track with testing and college admissions. Unexpected obstacles with the college admissions process will certainly come up (they always do), so the more organized and prepared you are, the better you’ll be able to roll with any little hitches along the way.

For more information, please schedule a free consultation with a Student Success Advisor. Please sign up for a free online practice test to start off your test prep!

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