Unfortunately, the SAT isn’t free, and you make be wondering exactly how much the SAT costs. There are a variety of costs and fees associated with the SAT, both to register and with the other services the College Board provides. Many of which you will undoubtedly have to make use of during your college application process. In this post, we’ll discuss both how much the SAT costs, and the various means students have available to them to lessen that financial burden. In some cases you can even make it outright free!

First, let’s breakdown all the associated costs with taking the SAT:

Registration Costs:

As of the 2019-2020 school year, the base cost for the SAT is $5

and the SAT with Essay is $68. These are the prices if you sign up regularly (on-time and either online or by mail), but additional registration fees incur if you sign up a different way. Those fees include:

Register By Phone: Signing up for the SAT over the phone costs an additional $15. This option is only available for students who have previously registered for the SAT, however. (First time applicants have to sign up either online or by mail)

Late Registration Fee: For registering after a particular test’s given registration deadline the fee is $30.

Change Fee: If you need to change either your test date or test center for any reason, there is a $30 change fee.

Waitlist Fee: If you miss all registration deadlines for a test, you can still sign up for the waitlist. The cost is an additional $53, but you are only charged if you are admitted to the test on test day.

Other Costs:

Registration is just one piece of the puzzle for how much the SAT costs. There are other fees associated with the different services the SAT provides, many of which you will undoubtedly incur if applying to colleges.

Registration Score Reports: While your first four score reports sent to colleges are free (at most 9 days after your test date), additional reports (or ones requested outside of that date range) cost $12. Note, you probably will end up having to pay this fee at least once as most students take the SAT well before they know which colleges they are applying to. There are fee waivers potentially available for these reports however, which we’ll talk about later.

Score Report Rush Order: If you need a score report rush ordered (like if you need it to a specific college by a registration deadline) the cost is $31 on top of the usual $12 for score reports.

Score by Phone: If you wish to receive your scores over the phone, the cost is $15.

Archived Scores: If you need scores older than more than four years ago from today’s calendar date, the cost is $31 on top of the usual $12 for score reports.

SAT Question-and-Answer Service: Typical score reports do not include a breakdown of both the actual test questions and which ones you got right/wrong, but they can be purchased for an additional $18.

A Q&A report is available for $18.

SAT Answer Service: If you just want a breakdown of your answers (and not the questions as well) that report can be purchased for $13.50.

Multiple-Choice Hand Score Verification: If for some reason you think there was an error with the grading of your multiple choice section, you ca