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A New Kind of Test Prep

Because ACT doesn’t stand for “Anxiety Causing Test” and SAT doesn’t mean “Stressful And Terrifying”

Let’s face it–improving your child’s test score could mean the difference between getting into an okay college and getting into their dream school. Unfortunately, learning from test prep books is boring, taking classes can be inconvenient and impersonal, and hiring private tutors can be out of reach for many families. That’s why we developed an approach that combines the rapid results of adaptive learning technology with the motivation and expertise that can only come from another human being.  


Human Coach

Learning Software



Let us know about your family and your goals

We want to learn not only about your child’s test scores, but also about their learning style, their day-to-day life at school and at home, their extracurricular activities, and their aspirations. 

Once we get the basics, we can design a personalized program geared to creating an awesome learning experience and getting the best results for your child.

How do we determine a testing goal?

1. Have a consultation with one of our test prep experts

We’ll ask you more about your family’s schedule, your child’s approach to learning, the activities they’re involved in, their test prep goals, and their plans for college. You’ll get all of your questions answered. That way you can determine if Testive would be a good fit for your family.

2. Take a practice test

Once you set up a Testive account, we’ll ask you to download the full ACT or SAT practice test. That way your child can take the full ACT or SAT practice test in a realistic testing environment using the same amount of time they’d have on the actual day of the test.

3. Upload the test to your Testive account

After the practice test, your child can upload their answers in their Testive student account. We use these answers and overall score to determine baseline strengths and weaknesses and zero in on a test score goal to work toward.


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Weekly Coaching sessions with your dedicated test prep expert

Can you imagine what your child can achieve if they have an elite, top-scoring Coach as their mentor? Testive will make that a reality.

Each week, your child will meet one-on-one via video chat with their very own test prep Coach.

And because your Coach will be monitoring your child’s performance and progress throughout the week, the Coach won’t need to play catch-up on your family’s time. Your busy kiddo will only need to set aside 30-60 minutes once or twice a week for a Coaching session full of confidence-building, guidance and motivation.

What makes Coaching so flexible and personalized?

1. We work with your family’s schedule

Your family is super busy and the clock is counting down until test day. That’s why your Coach works on your child’s schedule–and not the other way around. Our Coaches are available in the evening, on weekends, and all hours in between. Also, we can easily reschedule a Coaching session if something unexpected pops up.

2. You’ll find a Coach who will “click” with your kid

The Coaches we hire come from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for teaching and a top 1% ACT or SAT test score. You’ll be able to choose a Coach who shares interests with your child and who will act as a mentor as they guide and motivate them toward testing success. .

3. We listen to your needs

Every family is different–and that’s why we love what we do. If there’s something important you take into consideration when choosing learning programs for your family–be it a learning difference or a super challenging sports schedule–let us know: we’ll be happy to help find the perfect Coach for your child or recommend an alternative solution.


Meet our Coaches

Daily assignments on Testive learning software

Now it’s your child’s turn to do the work. Your Coach will assign focused practice questions for your child to work on every day in 20-30 minute sprints.

We keep practice sessions short and efficient to help your child stay focused, motivated and productive.

Our learning software automatically adapts to just the right difficulty to challenge your child without overwhelming them.

And since your child can access the questions on our web app, they can work on their assignments whenever, wherever.

What makes Testive’s learning software different?

1. Adapts to your child

The last thing you want is your child to lose confidence or momentum. If they feel like they aren’t challenged enough, they get bored and lose focus. If they’re too challenged, they’ll give up.
Testive learning software serves up the right questions at the right time so your child is always in their peak learning zone.

As your child’s score improves, they gain confidence and the difficulty of the questions automatically increases–kind of like strength training at the the gym.

2. Gives instant feedback

Want to keep your kid interested in boring work? Give them a scoreboard.

Testive software will immediately let your child know when they give a wrong answer and will offer an on-the-spot answer explanation, along with a video explaining how to solve the problem. That way they can dive deeper into what they need to work on while it’s still fresh on their mind.

3. Offers opportunity for reflection

Here’s where it gets kinda zen: believe it or not, the opportunity for learning and score improvement isn’t in your child’s right answers. It’s in reflecting on their wrong ones.

Every time your child answers incorrectly, in addition to immediate feedback tools like written explanations and solution videos, our software will offer them the opportunity to take notes on why they answered a question wrong and what they can do better next time. These notes can be accessed and reviewed by your child (and their Coach) at a later time to help them clarify concepts they may be struggling with.

4. Gets faster results

Testive helps students improve their scores by an average of 18 percentile points: 3 times more than the average conventional test prep tutor or class. That kind of improvement makes a huge difference on college applications.

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Everyone stays on track with ongoing communication from your Coach

We’ve finally cracked one of the most frustrating problems for parents and educators: getting 16 year olds to do their homework.

Every week, your child will commit to a daily study plan they’ve created with their Coach during their one-on-one video chat.

Your Coach will stay involved and hold your child accountable throughout the week with check-ins via text message or email

The goal: provide just enough structure and support to encourage your child without overwhelming them.

Plus, it takes a lot of the burden off of you to make sure the work is getting done.

How does Testive keep parents in the loop?

1. Keep an eye on your kiddo’s progress with the Testive Parent Portal

Success takes a team effort. Cheer your child on and keep track of their progress without looking over their shoulder. Your Parent Portal is an easy-to-use dashboard with weekly meeting notes from your Coach and summary stats on practice tests.

2. Get weekly progress update messages from your Coach

We want you to stay knowledgeable throughout the test prep process so you can see what’s working for your child and what they can be doing better. That’s why your Coach sends a message to you immediately after every scheduled Coaching session to share meeting notes, tell you about any problems standing in the way of their progress, and keep you in the know in terms of goals for the upcoming week.


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If your child puts in the work, their score will improve.
We guarantee it.

Our Score Improvement Guarantee

We don’t believe in fine print or smoke and mirrors. Nor do we believe in miracles. Our program only works when your child does the work.

At the beginning of the program, your child will make a commitment to put forth effort. We will make a commitment to provide your family with the best instructional tools technology has to offer and amazing coaching support.

What you commit to in a Testive program:

  • Meet with your coach weekly (or twice a week for Coaching Plus)

  • Complete a minimum of 100 practice questions each week spread over at least 3 days per week

  • Complete at least one full-length practice test each month


How we measure score improvement:

We compare your total “before” score to your total “after” score.

  • “Before” score: If your child has an official score, great! If not, that’s okay. We’ll just use the score from their first practice test with us as their baseline for measuring score improvement.
  • “After” score: This will need to be an official SAT or ACT score from the test that immediately follows your Testive program.


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