Help your child take the step from high school to college.

If you’re the parent of a freshman or sophomore just beginning the college admissions process, the following ten chapters will serve as your roadmap for the exciting years ahead. If you’re the parent of a junior or senior currently navigating the admissions process, this guide will shine a light on the aspects of getting into college that aren’t so clear.

In both cases, you’ll find that the moment your child opens the acceptance letter to his or her dream school isn’t made of any secrets or tricks. Rather, helping your child through the college admissions process is simply about support. It’s about about staying on top of requirements, deadlines, and strategies leading up to the day when your child will send off his or her applications.

Each of these ten chapters breaks down an aspect of college admissions. By the end, you’ll have the tools to guide your child through senior year and into college.

Start by learning how college admissions committees think in Chapter One.