Whether you’re just getting started with the SAT or well underway in test prep, taking a full-length practice test is an excellent way to increase your score on the four-hour standardized test. Here you’ll find free practice tests–both online and in PDF format–to fuel you on the road to SAT glory. Also, make sure to follow our test-taking tips to help you get the most out of a practice test sitting.

Online SAT practice test

Already booting up your printer? Not so fast. An online practice test is a fantastic alternative to its paper-and-pencil counterpart for several reasons.

First, you won’t need to print out several pages of a PDF practice test. Second, each section is timed, emulating the official SAT-taking experience. Third, your test is graded instantly–no need to cross-reference your bubble sheet with an answer sheet.

Take a free online SAT practice test

Printable SAT PDFs

Below are links to PDFs of six past official SATs:

Use the following answer sheet for all practice tests:

SAT test-taking tips

Take the ACT under timed conditions

The official SAT consists of four timed sections, together lasting about three hours. Test-takers have an average of slightly over one minute to answer each question. As you might expect, learning how to take the test with the constraint of timing is key to improving your score. Thus, it’s important to practice in a timed environment. As you take a full-length SAT practice test, make sure to follow the directions for time limits outlined before each section.

Find a quiet place

For the same reason you should take the test timed, you should find a quiet place to take it: recreating the official test environment is key. Try and find somewhere you won’t be interrupted for three hours: a library, your dining room table, you name it.

Have the following items by your side</