Elly Ha

baker, puppy lover, nintendo game lover

SCHOOL University of Virginia
INTERESTS Playing Nintendo games, chilling with my puppy, writing, baking

Hi! My name is Elly, and I recently graduated from UVA with a Bachelor’s in English, concentrating on modern literature and culture. Before coming to Testive, I taught intense summer SAT bootcamp classes at an SAT academy in Northern Virginia. Alongside being a virtual coach for you, I am also pursuing a second Bachlor’s degree in Business Information Systems. Although I am an English major, don’t underestimate my calculus skills! (P.S. Calculus is the shortcut to A LOT of the math on the SAT). I can assure you that I’ll bring only the best of my education and passion for the SAT to our 1-on-1 sessions. You will not only breeze through SAT problems, but you’ll also learn some key concepts and tricks to help you understand where the SAT comes from.