Charter Prep Program

Supporting Charter Schools

Teaching at a charter school provides a level of independence and opportunity that is not often enjoyed in typical public schools. You can prioritize policies and programs that best serve your population. You can create a curriculum crafted specifically for your student body. And you can choose support systems that can be customized for your students’ success.

For the last three academic years, Cesar Chavez Academy High School has done just that by partnering with Testive.

SAT Prep

Cesar Chavez Academy High School (CCAHS) is a Detroit-based charter school serving about 700 high school students. The school serves a population that is 95% Hispanic with 96% of the student body receiving free or reduced lunch.

In August of 2015, Principal Juan Jose Martinez initiated a partnership with Testive after reading about our innovative test prep software in a Boston Globe article. He was interested in familiarizing his students with the newly-designed SAT, which had recently become the state of Michigan’s new statewide exam. Historically, CCAHS students posted a 17.1 average ACT score, which is below the state average of 19 and national average of 21. His ultimate goal was to get CCAHS students’ scores to the SAT equivalent of the national average.

Although Dr. Martinez and the CCAHS team tried traditional prep measures in the past, including an in-class program with Kaplan, the school’s unique demographics and needs were not being fully addressed. What he found appealing about Testive, compared to past initiatives, was the adaptive algorithms that power Testive’s software and our high focus on students’ individual strengths and weaknesses. These were key determining factors in the school’s decision to partner with Testive.


After a 3 year partnership with Testive, CCAHS students have experienced consistent SAT score increases over the past two years. The following are results for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Categories Composite Stats
Students 116
Average question count (completed on Testive) 324.1
Average first practice SAT score 815
Average official SAT score 888.4
Average score change 71.6
Median score change 80
Maximum score improvement 280