Should My Child Take the August SAT?

As you probably know, the SAT is an essential component of your student’s college application. A competitive score can boost their academic credentials, while results that don’t reflect their abilities may necessitate a retake. While prep is essential to success on the SAT, planning ahead can also reduce stress and make the entire process easier. In this post, I consider prep and strategic planning in regard to the August SAT!

When is the August SAT?

The College Board will administer the SAT on August 25, 2018. The normal registration deadline is July 27, 2018. The SAT with Essay costs $60.00 before this date. You can still register late until August 15, but you’ll be charged an extra $29.00. Your student can access her scores on September 9, 2018. For more information about SAT dates and pricing, click here.

Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Test Date Score Release
7/27/2018 8/15/2018 8/25/2018 9/18/2018

Should My Senior Take the August SAT?

The short answer is “yes!” If your student is a rising senior, they will soon be busy with college applications. However, the SAT should be high priority, especially if your student has never taken it. Since most students start school in September, the August SAT is a great chance to finish testing before the academic year begins.

If your student has not started prepping, now is the time! They should focus on prep over the summer and take the SAT in August. Early Action and Early Decision deadlines are in November and Regular Decision deadlines are in January. For Early Action/Decision applicants, October is the last chance to take the SAT. Seniors applying Regular Decision can take the SAT in November or December, but it would be hard to prioritize test prep in those months. It therefore makes strategic sense for your student to prep for the SAT in the summer.

If your student earns their target score in August, they’re done with standardized testing! However, you should plan for them to retake the SAT. The most logical retake test dates are October 6th and November 3rd. If your student is applying Early Decision, their last chance to retake the SAT is the October date. If your student has already taken the SAT, then they can register for any of these test dates. However, August and October still make the most sense.

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Should My Junior Take the August SAT?

If you’re reading this section, great job planning ahead! Rising juniors have more flexible (and often less busy) academic schedules, and the summer before your student’s junior year is a great time to prep because they likely have more free time. Early prep can help your student earn their target score. It’s also smart to choose a retake date in the fall, since the spring semester is often busy with AP tests and college visits. Therefore, August is a great time for rising juniors to make significant progress (and even finish) testing! Depending on your student’s commitments, it can also be smart to plan for her to retake the SAT.

These are common timelines for juniors. To get a more personalized timeline based on test-taking experience and other external factors, take our test-taking timeline quiz.

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