If there’s one thing we can all agree on regarding the pandemic, it’s that the constant back-and-forth barrage of emails about everything and nothing under the sun can be overwhelming. Sometimes, a full inbox of brand new, ominously bolded subject lines from anxious students, concerned parents, and uptight administrators is enough to send any educator running away from the screen in terror. Yes, the phrase, “I hope this email finds you well” is one we all collectively dread… now, imagine how your students feel about it.

Our young people have just spent a year and a half with nearly their entire lives consolidated into the digital world, not least their entire education. Being a teenager is stressful enough without the added element of a pandemic, so it’s understandable if your students are having trouble keeping up with your correspondence. Most of their contact with anyone outside of their immediate family involves a screen in some way. Therefore, if you find yourself glossing over your internal emails, remember to cut your students a little slack.

Having said that, communication is key to remote learning in a pandemic, and your students still need to read your emails. Have you considered altering your approach? If your emails feel a little dry, then perhaps they’re in need of a makeover! Here are five tips to help you spruce up your communication with your students.

1. Space out your emails — don’t overflow the inbox!

Besides the odd homework reminder or practic