29 10, 2021

You Got Your PSAT Scores – Now What?!

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It might seem like only yesterday that you sat down to take the PSAT. Now, after just a few short weeks, your PSAT score results have arrived. This brings us neatly to the million-dollar question of the day: Now what?! This question has multiple answers depending on where you are in your schooling. Before [...]

25 10, 2021

6 Secrets To Help Your Child Conquer the SAT/ACT

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Behind every superstar student is an equally amazing parent (or grandparent or legal guardian). Although you can’t be there with them on test day, the following six tips will help you to be your child’s best cheerleader for all things test prep: 1. Understand the Tests One key factor of standardized test success is [...]

22 10, 2021

Rock, Read & Roll: How To Shred The Dual Passage

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“Dual passages on SAT Reading Comp are my favorite things in the whole world!” - No One Ever Nothing kills the vibe of your test-taking flow quite like encountering a dual passage on SAT Reading. It’s a big enough drag that the first thing they make you do on the SAT is over an hour [...]