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31 12, 2015

Testive’s SAT/ACT Prep Products: FREE Software & Coaching

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Did you know that Testive offers two products for SAT and ACT prep? In this video, Student Success Advisor Molly Schuh explains the two types of prep products Testive offers: our FREE adaptive software and our effective Coaching program. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi, my name’s Molly and I’m a Student Success Advisor here at Testive. I’m [...]

29 12, 2015

How Testive Software Helps Raise SAT/ACT Scores

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What exactly makes Testive's free prep software so effective? In this video, our VP of Engineering, David Chippendale, explains what makes Testive's software work and how it helps students see great results. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi, my name’s David and I’m the VP of Engineering here at Testive. I’m going to be explaining what the “secret sauce” [...]

22 12, 2015

How Testive Motivates Students to Prep for ACT / SAT

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Let's face it, SAT and ACT prep is not really on the top of any teenager's list of "fun things to do." So how can parents get kids to prep for the ACT / SAT without too much grumbling and pain? In this video, CEO Tom Rose explains how Testive's unique approach motivates students to prep. If [...]

18 12, 2015

Why Testive Coaching is Better Than a Tutor or Prep Class

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The question we get all the time is, "Why is Testive Coaching better than a private tutor or prep class?" In other words, what makes Testive 'different?' Recently, we shot a video with our Head of Learning, John LaPlante to answer that very question. If you prefer to read the answer to this question, check [...]