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26 03, 2015

What’s Testive’s Take on the NEW SAT?

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NEW SAT ACADEMY: Lesson 3 Everybody is talking about the NEW SAT ... including Testive. Here's what our CEO, Tom Rose, has to say about the test. Download our FREE eBook - NEW SAT: Everything You Need to Know to have all of this content in one place. You can also watch our pre-recorded webinar The NEW SAT What it [...]

12 03, 2015

NEW SAT Content Changes: Sneak Peek of What’s to Come

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NEW SAT ACADEMY: Lesson 2 We know the NEW SAT is changing, but what does that mean—in layman's terms? I sat down with Testive Coach, Sophie Heller, to get an overview of the NEW SAT content to clarify the changes for parents and students.   According to the College Board, the NEW SAT will include eight key changes. Relevant [...]